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Cernit Glue Bond (80ml)

Cernit Glue Bond (80ml)

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Cernit Glue 80ml.Strong glue for raw and baked polymer clay. Must be baked (max 130° C for max 30 mn)
Cernit Glue is used to glus together your creations made of polymer clay (raw, baked or both) It can also be used to bond polymer lcay to other porous or non porous materials.
Sticks effortlessly, a light pressure is sufficient to glus the diffrent parts together without damaging them.

How to use it :

Put a drop (or more) of glue on one of the surfaces to be bond
Assemble the piece to glue and bake them at 130° C (30 mn)
Keep your vial upside down to prevent the nozzle to get clogged

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